Sri Lanka Become the bets land of most renowned beverage of the world.  Sri Lanka silvering water falls process naturally the beauty of nature  , also the most favorable factor of the climate and the best soil conditions required for the health grow of the Tea Plant. Experience , dedication and the practice of the correct technology and along with its natural resources  Sri Lanka to earn the best reputation for its tea , Ceylon tea all over the world. Glen tea is one of the giant partners  of its significant endeavor of  Sri Lanka to become the world  No:01 and the biggest producer of quality tea.
Glenloch Tea Center well come you !!
Glen Loch which comments its commercial operations more than century ago  has been able to maintain its distinctive name among the best award wining tea institute in the world for its very special unblended tea.
Tea is and art which can only be quad by practical experienced and the correct technology with close and skilled supervision


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